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Gold Suede Brush Kit

Gold Suede Brush Kit

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To do the job right, you've got to have the right tools. Our Gold Suede Brush Kit the perfect duo to help you freshen up your delicate materials. Our Suede Kit is designed to effectively + gently remove dirt without the damage. Your suede will thank you.

Suede Cleaning Brush
For the delicate things in life. Crafted from soft Soft material weeded for perfect texture to restore softness and integrity to the fashion item.

Rubber Eraser
Rub your worries away. Our Rubber Eraser effectively and gently lifts dirt from suede.

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Coconut Oil Base & Organic


Our Premium Cleaning Solution features a naturally-derived Coconut Oil Based formula that effectively lifts and removes dirt while natural conditioning oils condition and Protects the Integrity of the Fashion Product, & extends the life of the material.

Our Professionals Estimate over 100 items to be cleaned with this product size.

Safe on all materials, our Premium Deep Cleaning Solution is perfect for more than just shoes - furniture, rugs, hats, clothing, handbags, HEELS and more!

All Purpose Brush

Good for the sole. Crafted from durable, firm bristles and handcrafted wood, our All Purpose Brush is great for all-around general cleaning. Ideal for areas like midsoles, & All Leather Items.


Coconut Oil


  • 4oz. Premium Cleaning Solution
  • All Purpose Brush
  • Microfiber Towel


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